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Happy ER nurse week!

  1. 2 I know a lot of hospitals/ERs/staff don't celebrate, but as an ER nurse, I am very grateful to all those who commit to the crazy on a daily basis.

    Happy ER nurses week!
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    I didn't even know it was ER Nurses Week!

    You nurses rock! As a paramedic (and struggling nursing student), I have a lot of thanks to offer to ER nurses.

    Thank you for teaching me... patiently... while I was a scared, trembling paramedic student stumbling along in your ER.

    Thank you for your patience with me when I was a brand new paramedic, who kind of fumbled through some of my verbal reports to you and might have made mighty-molehills out of a common cold.

    Thank you for the dry blankets over the years as I sloshed into your ER, shivering from the pouring rain at the last bad wreck. I know you were busy, but that smile on your face was a treasure. Maybe it was really for the soggy English Sheepdog look I was sporting?

    And most importantly, thank you for being a friend, a drinkin' buddy, and lifetime mentor.
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    I totally forgot it was "our week" until I got an email from the ENA. Happy ER Nurses Week!! (P.S. Aliakey ... still so proud of you!! Yay medics!!)
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    On Monday, Krispy Kreme gave us donuts all day! That rocked the casbah, to say the least. Today we had catering from all around town and had the "Scrubby" awards. In the words of Nurse Jackie.. only the overworked and underpaid have a week devoted to them. However, I quite enjoy it.
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    Our region had a great night out for all the ER Nurses. Free booze, free food, and some excellent entERtainment. It was super fun!
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    We had a big chocolate cake! It was a nice pick me up mid-shift.