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  1. Everyday O Lord!Everyday an ER Nurse is facing all the challenges in the workfield along with the pressure of being alert and at the same time being compassionate and caring in handling cases....A thankless job despite of doing our best..To be the frontline in the hospital to receive patients isn't an easy job after receiving an early-morning-shout from the relatives,crying and yelling patients hurrying to be cured,lunch with bloody injured (lucky if you drink a "gulp" of water),snacks with a pepsi and a loud impolite mannered one shouting at you "Hurry,Faster!" ,a dinner with "Code Blue"(trying to revive), and a sleepless night trying to stay awake and alert only to serve our fellowmen. ER Nurses aren't made of steel and built in cement!We are humans too that's why we are able to care to our patients knowing we are dealing with lives of humans like us..So treat us humanly(LOL). I wake up everyday hating the ER world but what's good about it is that God put us in that area to extend His hands to save lives & heal the wounded and ill.. A simple "Thank You"..Or even a smile of gratitude wipes all our tiredness and makes everything worth all our efforts...Hahaha.And whenever I visit those in the ward that I have admitted,to see them recover from the injuries (you can't even recognize or figure out their body features due to fractures,bruises,wounds,contussions)or illnesses,and to see them smiling after having survived...I just simply smile and say.. " Thank You Lord You put me in ER to save lives...And touch lives."
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    Thank you. I'm not an ER nurse, but an ICU nurse, and we feel the same some days. Some days it seems like the whole world is sick. Then you get a patient that reminds you that what you have done makes a difference in their lives. I appreciate our ER nurses, especially when they bring the difficult patient with a smile on their faces.--classicaldreams