From zero to swamped

  1. I have just left an ED where we had approx. 1-2 pts a 12 hour shift. Couple of heavy
    ones, but
    mostly down time. Critical access hospital , 3 bed ER.
    I received a new job in a much busier ER and am rather nervous about getting along with co-workers. I know its aggravating to train and I will be mega stupid for a while. Any tips on how to get along and not be totally ostracized being the newbie?
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  3. by   Wuzzie
    Never let the words "that's not how we did it at ABC hospital" pass your lips. Ever!
  4. by   JKL33

    - Don't let your own perception of your experience (which was good, worthwhile experience) make you feel "lesser" or carry yourself that way. I'm pretty sure you know how to assess abdominal pain or chest pain or leg pain the same way everyone else does. So be humble...but with adequate self-confidence.

    - Realize that bigger places have put workflows and systems into place to handle the larger volume of patients. So while it may "surprise" you to see something like, for instance, techs having additional jobs like blood draws even starting IVs or [insert thing that you think only a nurse should be doing] - don't let such things make you feel "appalled".

    - Take every advantage of your orientation period. Make sure it is adequate.

    - Be friendly and convey your desire to learn.

    Best of luck!
  5. by   gaby19
    Thank you for the advice! I seem to be doing fine so far. And have felt the urge to compare to the previous job more than once but bit my tongue.