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ER GN advice

  1. 0 Hey y'all my name is Nolan and I am new to this site. I just graduated Wednesday 12/12/12 and got hired at the local hospital in the ER. Just wondering what advice y'all have for me and what I need to prepare for.
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    what I guess I am asking is how can I best manage my time in the ER.
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    There's a search function on this site - use it. I'm fairly certain this topic has been addressed at least twice in the past three months, and the advice doesn't change.
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    Congratulations!! School is done and you already have a job!!! The ED can be tough for a new grad. Listen, watch and always be willing to help where you can and know when to step back and just absorb what you are seeing. ER nurses tend to work quickly and quickly move on,...if you have questions ask,...why did you do that? How did you know to do that? Where can I find this,....etc. Understand that a great deal of what you see will be different than what you learned in school. I work in a large Level I Trauma center and we have protocols for almost anything,..which means that before the doctor even sees the patient we have, started a line, drawn labs, placed the patient on a monitor, O2, EKG, and maybe even given meds! Learn these protocols! It is helpful for you to learn the flow of the department and figure out which nurses you would like to emulate and talk to them and keep watching!! Best of luck to you!
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    Congrats on finishing and welcome to the ED.
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    I Passed the NCLEX! I start work on Tuesday this week!
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    Congrats! Keep us updated on things.
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