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  1. So, I'm trying to get into an ED position and well, i have to prove myself and the only way to do that and stand out is to get more certifications. I am looking into ENPC courses (the hospital I want is pediatric certified) and for the life of me I can't figure out which book I need. The top part of the page that describes the course states that the book says I will be sent is "the 4th edition ENPC book". The bottom of the same page says $XXX is the price if I already have the TNCC 6th edition book...so it's more money to pay for the class and receive the book they want me to have, and cheaper to take the class if I have a different book? A friend who also took the course (through anther place) received the ENPC book.

    It's about $70 more expensive to pay for the course and have the book sent to me...which isn't a big deal, but if I can save something that would be nice. I've looked up prices for the TNCC 6th edition book on Amazon, new it's $195 and used its $35----what?!?!? What's going on? Are there online videos or some thing that come with the cost of the book?

    I'm terribly confused! I called the place that does the course and left a message so I'm waiting for a call back. What book(s) did you buy/receive? Which is better?

    I do also plan on taking TNCC, so if that book includes BOTH Peds/Adults and is good for both classes I'd rather buy ONE book and spend a little more than buy two and pay an arm and a leg.

    And yes, I know there are some that will say to wait to take the test until I get hired---BUT I am a good test taker. And I know there are others that will say "all that shows is that you can take a test"....well I think it also shows I have initiative, drive and desire.

    (I tried to check my spelling, but I'm using my phone so please forgive any errors)
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    Here are the quotes from the site
    For the cheaper "I already have the book" registration section:

    [FONT=LucidaSans]If you already have a 6th edition TNCC book.

    [FONT=LucidaSans]You MUST bring the book to class.

    For the "I dont have the book" registration section here is the book I will be sent:
    [FONT=LucidaSans]As soon as your paid registration is received, a 4th edition textbook, confirmation paperwork and access to the pre-course learning modules will be provided.

    What is going on???? Does TNCC cover BOTH peds and adults and so that's ok if you already have that book...and they want to send you a peds ONLY book if you pay the entire cost? Which is also fine...i'm just trying to figure out what is going on.

    Just to add---I got the website link from the ENA website, so the course IS approved by the ENA
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    It sounds like a typo on the site regarding the edition they use. I'm pretty sure ENPC is only at the 4th edition right now, TNCC might have more editions. But really....this sounds like a question only the course coordinator can answer.
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    So she called---apparently the new ENPC book came out in August and TNPC doesn't come out until June, so the TNPC book is sufficient, but she said the ENPC for someone like me (no ER experience) would be better because it was more recent.

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  6. by   chare
    The course coordinator likely uses the same course announcement format for ENPC and TNCC and inserts the appropriate course title as appropriate. The use of both ENPC and TNCC in the announcement is a typographical error.

    The ENA requires that each participant have the current text for the course taken. If you take TNCC, the 6th edition is the current version. As the 4th edition ENPC course was recently rolled out, you might still find a 3rd edition course (I am unsure when the ENA will require that the 4th edition be taught exclusively). Unlike the AHA, which only requires that each participant have the current textbook for the course, the ENA expects that each participant have his or her own personal copy of the text and forbids the use of “library” course materials.

    I would ensure that the course coordinator is aware that you are taking ENPC, not TNCC, as the textbooks are not interchangeable.
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    I talked to her and it was probably an error or just a gross misunderstanding on my part. Either way, the book is being shipped to me as I type! so excited! I've missed studying!

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    Lemme add the ENPC book for the ENPC class.

    But, btw---why on earth are the new TNCC books $200 and used ones $50?????!

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