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Emergency Room RN residencies for New Grads

  1. 0 I am looking for programs around the US that hire New RN Grads for their Nurse Residency program. Any suggestions?
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    Stony Brook UMC in Long Island, NY
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    1. Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas,TX
    2.Methodist Hospital Dallas,TX
    3.Baylor Hospital Dallas,TX
    4.Scott and White Temple,TX
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    - Baptist medical center, Winston Salem, NC
    - Moses Cone, Greensboro, NC
    - Alamance Regional, Burlington, NC
    - Duke, Durham, NC
    - UNC, Chapel Hill, NC
    - Wake Med, Raleigh, NC
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    Baylor Health Care System in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area does! I've also heard THR hospitals do, as well, but I've never applied there so not really sure. Children's Medical in Dallas does...at least, when I did clinicals there I talked to several nurses who were hired as new grads in their ER.

    Good luck!
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    Here are a few in the NW...

    Legacy Health-Versant
    Adventist Health NW-Versant
    Salem Hospital

    Swedish Medical Center
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    Northern California: UC San Franciso, California Pacific Medical Center, Stanford, John Muir, UC Davis, Sutter Sacramento

    They may not all be "residencies" but they've all hired new grads in the last three years.