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After all these years in the ER, I have worked with so many ER docs, Nurses, Techs, etc. And I have seen so amny not wear their seat belts, and helmets. Do we as ER nurses think we are immune to all of this. Do we become... Read More

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    Quote from Babs0512
    I took care of a 16 year old with a intercranial bleed and a broken neck - he was four wheeling without a helmet. According to his friends, he wasn't going fast, but the terrain was uneven, and the four wheeler tipped. Sad, I don't believe he made it.

    I also had an 8 y/o child fall off his bike ( the bike was not moving, it just tipped over sideways), he wasn't wearing a helmet, his unprotected head hit the corner of the curb and he was DOA. Massive bleed. Who would have thought!! According to the autopsy, it wasn't a congenital defect, it was caused my blunt force trauma, from his head hitting the curb while at a dead stop.

    Really, wear a helmet.

    if i am rideing my bike (no motercycles for me) I always wear a helmet, same if I ride my scooter. I rode my scooter to the hospital once for a couple of appointments I had that day i ran into alot of people(I was scheduled to see 3 and i saw 10 and this included office nurses) who where a part of my care team, who I didnt have appointments with but ran into anyway.

    EVERY SINGLE one of them saw the scooter I was carrying (didnt notice the helmet in my hand though) "you'd better have warn a helmet with theat" me "*sigh* yup it is right here i would never ride the scooterwith out it."
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    after the friendly officer gave me a ticket for 25.00 I have worn mine---that was 6 years ago and now it is a true habit.
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    I have always worn my seatbelt. My husband hasn't always worn his and I nagged him. It paid off significantly a couple of years ago when we were in a pretty bad accident...through a light pole and into a telephone pole. The car was totaled and the airbags ejected. I was in a lot of pain and had some scrapes and favorite one was from the seatbelt across my chest.
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    Quote from edisongirl25
    i'm not in the er, but i wear my seatbelt everytime i get in my car. i don't have much choice b/c my car has an alarm, but i wear it in other people's cars too. my uncle and cousin lost their lives on thursday in a car accident because they weren't wearing their seatbelts. they save lives.
    my sincere condolences on the loss of your uncle and cousin. i'm so sorry. any death is especially difficult at this time of year.

    i also wear my seatbelt not only for safety's sake but it's the law in my state.
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    Always since 1984. I would feel naked without it. It has become second nature for me. And no one gets to ride in my car unless they also wear a seatbelt.
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    Always! Like the previous poster said, I feel naked without it.
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    seatbelt goes on before i start the car -- mine and any passengers, too!
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    I first started in ED in 1975. There were no seatbelt laws then. When I saw people's faces needing plastic surgery after wrecks I decided that I was going to do all I could to keep my face from getting mashed up. I have worn my seatbelt ever since.

    One day my 8 yr old son decided he was going to be naughty because I didn't give him something he wanted. We were in the car and he said "I'm not going to wear my seatbelt if you don't ____". It was the biggest threat he could think of at the moment. I still chuckle but it gives you an idea of how the culture has developed in my family.

    About 5 years ago while I was still dating the man that I eventually married we were going freeway speeds when a car just in front of us spun out. It hit the guardrail in the median and then shot back across directly in front of us and across three lanes of traffic. We were inches from being a wreck of metal and us all over the freeway. I can't imagine why it didn't touch another car but the spinner ended up facing oncoming traffic on the shoulder. The lady driving in the lane next to us looked like she had seen a ghost. I looked and both my husband-to-be and his daughter were not wearing seatbelts! After that little learning opportunity everyone once again wears their belts. I wouldn't be without them.

    Yes, we have seatbelt laws and they are enforced! We also have drivers with alcohol reporting laws.
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    I used to wear my seatbelt half the time, but as an EMT, went to an MVA where 2 passengers had the same mechanism of injury- car vs. tree. 1 wearing seatbelt taken to ER and released same day, guy w/o seatbelt- DOA
    Now 100% seatbelt user.

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