Central line protocols - page 3

Ok, so I ran across something new tonight in a post-code pt I was trying to get to CCU, thought I'd get input from other facilities. Long story short: older male, cardiopulmonary arrest, CPR in... Read More

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    Goes case by case, if the patient has pipes we feel comfortable to admit with at least 2 large bore IV's. If they have crap for veins, the ED doc will throw in a CVC before admission. Sometimes we have the time to do everything, sometimes not. But our policy is CVC within 12 hours of pressors.

    I wish we had more PICC nurses...
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    No. We don't have this policy. Frankly, if you have someone refusing report, say " ok, if you refusing report, I will contact bed management. If they believe their story, they will stick with it. Otherwise, I don't do drama.

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