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We are now doing call backs in ER. Feels like a huge HIPAA violation. Is it? Do you leave a message? I don't feel comfortable doing these. Any remarks?... Read More

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    We do these, I hate them. I wish we had like 2 people we hired just to do them. All of us, (well primarily day and mid-shifters) have to do them. We come in each shift and are handed a list of calls we have to make. My facility has been doing them since I started a year ago. It's for customer satisfaction. We have a script we're supposed to read and all.

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    My hospital does these system wide. The CNAs do a lot of them, which can cause issues if the patient does have a question. When I was in the ER as a patient, I received a call asking how I was and how my experience was. Since I work there I raved but really I was treated with less rush since I do work there. And I read the physical by the doc and must wonder which patient she was talking about. Lol.
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    The Nurses have to do them at my facility.
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    We did them in our ED for many months. We all hated them. Especially since there was a script and, of course, it was hokey. I think it ended because we all slowly just started doing less and less of them. /shrug

    DC :-)

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