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So, we've had a physician start working in our ER again (he worked in our ER regularly before I started working there). I have gotten used to his orders, which don't vary much, although they continually confuse me as to what... Read More

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    I have seen a few ER docs do this. It is a good starter combo. We use in the PASR and it is given by anesthesia some where I work as well.

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    diphenhydramine and droperidol.........makes them darling and dopey. Nice combo and I really have never seen a complication yet.......but I would not give it to pedi's.
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    I would just ask the doctor why he's ordering it. Just don't be confrontational about it, obviously. Most doctors love to do teaching and he must have a reason.

    I smile and agree that it does make annoying people less annoying. It also tends to curb the appetites of those in withdrawl... Those who are in severe pain will let you know when this doesn't work. At which point you will approach the doctor for further pain medication.
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