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Does anyone one know where to buy a small guide or book that gives you simple assessment questions in different languages (chinese, tagalog, korean). We have a very big Asian patient population in our ER, and I want to be able... Read More

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    Quote from LunahRN
    I always remind myself that when a person speaks English with an accent, it just means they are smart enough to speak more than one language. :-) I could also write volumes about Americans who live overseas and don't bother to learn the language - I grew up in Europe, and that was pretty common.

    reminds me of old joke:

    What do you call someone who can speak 3 languages?

    What do you call someone who can speak 2 languages?

    What do you call someone who can only speak one language?

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    We are very lucky in that we have an in-house Spanish translator in the hospital on the day shift. When that group is unavailable or we have a patient needing another language translated, we have a MARTI computer. I cannot remember what it stands for (My "A" real-time trusted interpreter?) but it is a tele-computer that we can dial into wirelessly and connect with a company that provides 100s of different live translators on a TV monitor. If we cannot view a live person, we can at least speak to someone via the telephone. It has come in handy MANY times for us.
    It is really great, especially for triage and assessments!

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    We do have a language line, yes. I mostly ask questions that requires yes or now answer, or ask patient to nod the head for yes or shake for no. I have found a few apps on iPhone that speak the questions out loud and then asks the pt to say yes or no
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    Quote from skylark
    Ok, so i just found the 'real' version is still out there, its just a little difficult to find. Here it is -
    Emergency Multilingual Phrasebook - A4 Spiral Bound Book
    Thank you!!!! That is exactly what I was looking for!
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    Quote from sofiamcclain
    Thank you!!!! That is exactly what I was looking for!
    You are welcome!

    Its real easy to use, you just open out the English page, which is part of the cover and then open the book at the language you need, then line up the questions in both languages alongside each other. The questions are all numbered as well, so its easy to find the questions you want in the other language. We had upwards of 90% non-English speakers in London, so the book was in constant demand!

    Oh, and if you have trouble getting it delivered to a US address let me know. My son lives in England and can probably get it delivered and then forwarded for you.

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