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I have been around the nursing block 14 years or so, I currently work med-surg but have worked just about everywhere except ER. I worked peds about 10 years ago and thought about getting back into that. I like working with... Read More

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    I worked for one system for 20years, and also at this same childrens hosp at the same time. Two job. My current job I have been in for 4 months but that is because I was called back from a layoff and was offered a med -surg halftime job, prior to that I was fulltime in the OR but was layed off for 3 months. I could understand if I had quit these jobs and came back,, but I didn't, I really had no choice in this situation. This is what makes it hard for me to accept. I have and I will, it just kind of a shocker for me, not that I am better than who got the job I don't know this person, but they called me and I do have so much experience. I had applied for a job on my old unit and nicu. SO it really shocked me when they called for an interview for ER, but I shadowed and loved it. It makes so much sense with all the varied exp I have. I will keep trying. right now all I can do is take what I can get, my med surg job is ok and the people are really nice but my chances of getting fulltime are slim to none which is why I am looking in the first place. THanks for listening, I am so glad nurses have this outlet because who would tell this stuff to and who would believe half of it unless you work in nursing .

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    That's a shame with your experience. I hope something much better comes along soon.
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    The ER you were called about sounds desperate, be careful.

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