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I'd love to know what my fellow new grads have learned since becoming nurses. I'm a brand new RN and I've worked in a level 1 trauma center for 3 weeks now. Here are the most important things that I've learned so far: 1.... Read More

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    Quote from CrunchRN
    It is originally from an old movie. Shite! I am trying to remember the book/movie it was from. they also coined the term 'Gomer" -get out of my ER!
    Samuel Shem and "House of God"??

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    Ah, thanks Roy, I bet that's it! I keep meaning to read that. Must be time.

    Excellent example of going bad. I have to add that for kids, I like the (admittedly, less professional) term "crapping out". It's such a good description of what kids do. They compensate, and compensate, and compensate...and look good, look good, look good...then they crap out. Fast and furious.
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    Yes Roy - good memory!
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    I read "House of God," did they actually make it a movie? I hope not! LOL
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    I have been working in the ER for 3 months so far. I have learned become nice with the paramedics, less likely to gladly bring you trolls and also to learn how to work with certain doctors. I got told off by a doctor because I asked if he was going to write the admit orders for a pt we were admitting. He had told me and the charge nurse he was admitting the pt 2 hours ago, waiting room was full and we actually had a bed upstairs, just needed orders to send him up. Have learned now to make my questions seem like I am dumb and that he is the smart one so things get done and that it makes him feel like its his idea.
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    Quote from LunahRN
    I read "House of God," did they actually make it a movie? I hope not! LOL
    IIRC, the movie was made but not released.

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    What is cya???
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    Quote from Du3du3
    What is cya???
    Cover Your "Behind"
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    Quote from shieldanvil81

    Hahaha that's ok, I know my name isn't very clear on that. I guess if I really cared about people knowing I was male, I'd have named myself RNhasapenis or ERmanlyb*lls or something. Thanks to you all for the replies, btw.
    Your user names made me lol!!!
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    As a 28 year Paramedic I'll offer you the same advice I offer Paramedic students and new Paramedics,

    #1 - In an emergency, FIRST, check your own pulse.

    #2 - YOU did NOT create the emergency (at least most of the time, LOL!).