Adult ER or Pediatric ER?

  1. Ok so I got a few job offers, mostly because I've been networking like crazy and now I don't know which to pick. I got 2 offers from the county hospital, one in the adult ER and the other in Peds ER. I got another offer at another facility in their adult ER. I know I like fast paced and quick critical thinking, but as a new grad I'm leaning towards the Peds ER because it is alot less busy and for some reason seems less stressful. I love Peds. I love adults. I love emergency. Which way would be the easiest transition for a new grad, and most beneficial for my career overall?
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  3. by   One1
    If you start in the adult ER you might still see peds (many ERs see both peds and adults), which offers you a wider range of experience. However, if you are absolutely sure you want to stay in peds, sign up for the peds ER right away.
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    I started in peds ER and loved it. Worked for a few months in an adult ER to get adult experience and HATE adults. I've been really miserable, seriously. Peds can be stressful too and is stressful in different ways than the adult world, but there's also a lot of joy in pediatrics. I wouldn't say it's easier or less stressful, I just like it better.
  5. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    I'm really excited and nervous. It's just very tough choice. I've accepted the Peds position, but I kept thinking I should get adult exp first. I am SO THANKFUL you have been in both, and gave me such good feedback. I know getting a position in the Peds ER as a new grad is much harder to find as I will be only new grad vs 4 in the adult, so I'm much more satisfied with my decision. Honestly I wish this hospital had a more combined ED, that way I could have exposure to both!
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    I've read a lot of Peds ER managers don't like new grads, so it's really flattering to have been chosen. The Adult Ed I interviewed for in July and was hired but didnt have my license in time o they rescinded offer, the manager called me out of the blue 6 months later to see if I was working yet. It's just so crazy, no job one day and then BAM - 4 offers in one week!
  7. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    I did accept Peds, I decided that was a better opportunity and in the long run, I can always do adult later. Plus I have a 3 yr commitment, and Peds seems like a better place to be "stuck"
  8. by   SionainnRN
    Good luck OP! I love kids, was a nanny during my undergrad, but as much as I first wanted to go into peds ER I don't think I could handle it. When I code an adult, or deal with their abuse it makes me sad. If I had to deal with abused, broken babies all the time, plus coding them, I think it would break me. Make sure you have a really good person to talk to about all you see, cause I'm assuming this could be a spirit breaker. Good luck and have fun with the cuties!
  9. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    That's my fear, I know it will be scary and sad, I'm just hoping to find enough happiness to outweigh the sad parts. And I was hoping I could crossover and do adult pt later, but I guess since its Peds I would have to go through a training class to do adult!
  10. by   stodeee
    I work in a level 1 trauma center that has both an adult side and peds side. As RN's we work both sides equally. I also started there as a new grad. Peds ED is super busy and SAD cases. I like both sides equally though.
  11. by   NurseLauren7310
    I work in a peds ER and I love it!