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12 hour schedule

  1. 0 I am on a retention committee within our department and we are looking at our schedule. I am wondering if anyone has a master schedule with full timers working every 3rd weekend?
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    Our schedule is every other weekend:

    1 week - work M, T, off W, Th, work F, Sa, Su
    other week off M, T, work W, Th, off F, Sa, Su

    work 48 hours one week (8 hours OT) work 36 the other week. working 7 and off 7 out of every two weeks. Never seen a 12 hour schedule with every third weekend off.
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    I work every third weekend and I'm FT 12 hour midnights. A couple people work every other. It can be done.
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    We have what we call 'traditional' M,T off W, Th etc, and we are working to find a 4 12's on 5 off master that our union will accept.
    Super Rn--would it be possible for me to get a copy of your master with every 3rd weekend? Is it a 6 or 12 week rotation? (or more?)

    any other ideas for retention would be very helpful too!!!! What makes your department better then others?
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    we work every third weekend, but there's no master. you're free to fill in the rest of your days as you choose, although there are a few rules:

    1. you must work four weekend shifts every six weeks. (it doesn't have to be every third weekend as long as you get your four shifts in. most people do whole weekends, but it's not required. yet.)
    2. you must work four of the six fridays. (fridays are our busiest day!)
    3. you must work two mondays
    4. you must work your assigned holidays. (we have 7 holidays, and you work every other. this year, i'm working jan. 1., memorial day, labor day and christmas. next year, i work mlk day, july 4, thanksgiving.)
    hope you find something that works!