Difference between DNP and MSN/MBA

  1. According to a site, the career focus for DNP include:

    "Leadership positions in nursing practice, management, information technology and academia. Developing practice innovations designed to improve health care outcomes."

    I'm a little confused as to the difference between obtaining a DNP or MSN/MBA degree.
    Which one is better suited for a NP who wishes to be able to advance in her career?
    Also, which one would be more difficult to obtain (time-wise)?
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  3. by   sapphire18
    Well since a DNP is a longer amount of school, I would have to say that takes more of a time commitment than an MSN.

    In terms of advancing your career, what are your ultimate goals?
  4. by   gentlerain
    I am interested in various specialties of NP such as family, psychiatric (need to look into availability of jobs), or neonatal (unsure about flexibility of schedule). My goal is to find a job that is flexible (prefer no emergency call) for a mother and provides financial support. Hopefully a job that is not too physical for someone of a slender build.