Creighton DNP 2015

  1. I am starting Creighton Universities BSN-DNP program this month and am wondering if anyone else is starting or has gone through the program already? I have to admit that I am a bit nervous as to what the next 2 and a half years of full time school and work will bring, so if anyone has any helpful tips/advice I would appreciate it =)
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  3. by   rnkaytee
    What program are you doing? I'm there right now in the MSN-NNP.
  4. by   jkenser
    Ill be in the DNP- Family Nurse Practitioner Track. I am up in MN so ill be doing the majority online aside from clinicals. Do you like it there?
  5. by   rnkaytee
    It's been fine - my program is sort of disorganized but manageable. I do it online too - lots of content and reading and you have to definitely be self-motivated to get everything done! Let me know if you have questions - I think everyone starts with the same 3 classes.
  6. by   trimom3
    I am looking at applying to this program- how are you finding it? I work a 0.5 but can go down to a 0.4 if need be to make it more manageable. Plus they have a contract with my health system so finding preceptors shouldn't be too bad.
  7. by   rnkaytee
    Hi there - I'm graduating in May. I'm not sure how the FNP program is but overall it's been okay. I don't know if it's as intense as other programs. I think it is a doable program working 0.5 - I worked 2 nights/week until the last semester when there is a lot of clinical hours that keep me at the hospital 5 days/week + nights if I get called in.

    TriMom3 - do you do triathlons? I do too!
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  8. by   trimom3
    Yes I do That is good to know about work/school feasibility. I am just trying to decide between MSN FNP at a few other institutions or just biting the bullet and going the DNP route. I have heard good things about Creighton overall.
  9. by   educatemeplease
    I have talked with others in this program and they stated that the faculty is very helpful when you have questions or need assistance. One challenge I have been told is that they do not help with clinical placement sites. How has it been going for you?
  10. by   educatemeplease
    Do you mind if I ask what health system they have a contract with? Is it in Nebraska as well? I am considering this program and am living in MN/WI but have heard it is difficult to find preceptors around this area for this school.
  11. by   BSN2FNP1
    Hello! Just wondering how your experience is going at Creighton?? I submitted my application and I'm hoping to start this fall. Also looking at University of Iowa.