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Background Info: I am in an ADN program currently and will graduate in May 2014. Hubby is in the Army and doesn't want to get out until I'm completely done with school. I am quite the planner but I wanted to start looking into... Read More

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    I agree about going to school FT and also juggling a family on the side. Thank you so much for your advice!!

    So... Any others with experiences with their RN-BSN or BSN-DNP education?

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    If emergency is what you want to do, you might want to consider USA's Emergency NP program:

    USA College of Nursing - Emergency Nurse Practitioner

    I have a friend that graduated last year with a MSN from USA and another friend who is currently enrolled there in a DNP program. They both have good things to say about the school. If you are going to have to move during clinical semesters, it can make it very difficult to find preceptors, but my friend still managed. All of their programs are online.

    I realize this is a dual certification program and not a DNP, so it just depends what your focus is. If you want to work in an ER this program would prepare you much better than a DNP FNP program. Plus if you don't have the AC certification, states like TX won't allow you to work in an ER. So the DNP route could be more limiting to you. If your goal is to never have to go back to school, you might want to seriously consider dual certification either with a DNP or instead of (depending on how long you want to stay in school).
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    I graduated from ODU's RN to BSN program that was all online. I am now a first year DNP student at Loyola University New Orleans. It is an online program but we have to go to the campus once every year and again to defend our capstone projects. Also, a member of the faculty actually travels to watch us on each clinical site at some point during each rotation.
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    Annaiya - Thank you for your input! I will look into it!!

    Mom To 4 - What does ODU stand for?
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    Old Dominion University it is in Norfolk, VA. I chose to complete my RN to BSN completely online. That is also what I am really enjoying about the DNP through Loyola so far as well. I will be able to complete my clinical work in my area and I only have to physically go on campus once a year.
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    That is the kind of school I have been looking for! Most Grad Degrees are online, so amazing what you can do with technology!!

    I'm keeping my options open. Because I am an army wife, I have the possibility of moving at any time (my next move probably won't be for another 2-4 years)... I am not sure if I should choose a school that is nationally known (and accredited) just because then I wouldn't run into any possible problems getting hired. Or do you think that the name doesn't matter much as long as it is accredited?

    Hmm... tough decisions!
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    definitely go with an accredited program...read some of the threads on here about the online programs. Do you have to go straight through? You should check Fronteirs programs. Its really good. Unsure if they have a ADN to MSN though
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    ODU and Loyola are both accredited programs. Both are known and recognized throughout the country.
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    I am currently enrolled in the University of South Alabama's BSN-DNP program. My specialty is Advanced Emergency NP Dual Role (FNP/ACNP) with a cardiovascular sub-specialty. This program is online and requires travel to Mobile, AL once a year. I like it so far. It is VERY challenging and not easy by any means. I just had to do extensive research on the DNP issue and it is NOT a requirement as of yet. As stated earlier, academia supports this and have many "reasons" why a nurse should pursue this route, but state boards of nursing still support the MSN as entry into APN. I don't see this changing anytime soon. With that said, it was a personal decision for me to pursue the DNP as the best route for me. Best of luck to you!!

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