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What is the quickest way to earning your DNP? - page 3

Background Info: I am in an ADN program currently and will graduate in May 2014. Hubby is in the Army and doesn't want to get out until I'm completely done with school. I am quite the planner but I... Read More

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    definitely go with an accredited program...read some of the threads on here about the online programs. Do you have to go straight through? You should check Fronteirs programs. Its really good. Unsure if they have a ADN to MSN though
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    ODU and Loyola are both accredited programs. Both are known and recognized throughout the country.
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    I am currently enrolled in the University of South Alabama's BSN-DNP program. My specialty is Advanced Emergency NP Dual Role (FNP/ACNP) with a cardiovascular sub-specialty. This program is online and requires travel to Mobile, AL once a year. I like it so far. It is VERY challenging and not easy by any means. I just had to do extensive research on the DNP issue and it is NOT a requirement as of yet. As stated earlier, academia supports this and have many "reasons" why a nurse should pursue this route, but state boards of nursing still support the MSN as entry into APN. I don't see this changing anytime soon. With that said, it was a personal decision for me to pursue the DNP as the best route for me. Best of luck to you!!

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