MDs dont own the physician title

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    I think there is a lot of confusion on this board about titles. MDs do NOT own the physician title.

    In fact, it has been legal for years for a chiropractor to call himself a "chiropractic physician"

    Pharmacists, DPTs, and anybody else with a doctoral degree can also use the "physician" title.

    In 20 years DNPs will be able to introduce themselves as a "nurse-physician" and it will be totally normal and acceptable.
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    agree, NPs will be free to use their doctoral titles
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    Um, I don't think "physician" has anything to do with doctoral level education...nor have I ever heard of a pharmacist calling themselves a physician. I think, in fact, that only MDs and DOs may call themselves physicians. It is in fact a protected title.

    Perhaps you're thinking of "doctor" - which anyone with a PhD can call themselves, including a "doctor of nursing" degree holder..

    Ugh. The things you people post on here...
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    The Joint Commission has revised the definition of physi-
    cian and, as a result of this change, several elements of per-
    formance (EPs). These changes apply to the hospital program
    and are effective July 1, 2009. Previously, the Comprehensive
    Accreditation Manual for Hospitals contained two entries for the
    term physician: (1) a doctor of medicine or osteopathy and (2)
    as defined by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    (CMS) in section 482.12(c)(1) of the Hospital Conditions of
    Participation. The revised definition eliminates the first entry
    and replaces the second entry to reflect the CMS definition of
    physician as found in Section 1861(r) of the Social Security
    Act. This definition more accurately reflects expectations of
    CMS for deemed status purposes. The revised entry for the
    term physician in the “Glossary” chapter of the Comprehensive
    Accreditation Manual for Hospitals is noted in the box below.
    Generally, the term includes the following individuals, as
    authorized by state law and regulation:
    ● Doctor of medicine or osteopathy
    ● Doctor of dental surgery or dental medicine
    ● Doctor of podiatric medicine
    ● Doctor of optometry
    ● Chiropractor

    Why do NP's want to be called physicians exactly? How many toes does this profession wish to step on? This power grab will eventually end very badly.
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    I assumed that is what she meant, I even autocorrected it in my head!
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    I'm hoping she meant Doctor. Otherwise you are totally wrong about the physician title.
    I don't think she is a NP, I could be wrong but from reading her other posts.

    Not much credibility.
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    Why would you want to be called Dr.? I think the only people who care are academia or people with massive inferiority complexes. Let the physicians have the term, they earned it.
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    Dear lord this thread made me cringe. MDs (and DOs) definitely do own the physician title. Just like nurses own the nurse title. I assume you meant doctor. Best to proofread, next time.
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    Not true. I earned the right to be called Dr.
    I'm not in academia and have no issues with inferiority complexes. Although, it sounds as if you may be harboring some inferiority issues.

    Quote from mingorn
    Why would you want to be called Dr.? I think the only people who care are academia or people with massive inferiority complexes. Let the physicians have the term, they earned it.
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