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DNP in Nursing Education

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    Does anyone know of any DNP programs with Nursing Education as the focus? I know that UMass at Amherst has a DNP with a Public Health focus, which I am checking into, but surely there is a program for Nursing Education. Perhaps this is a question for the AACN! Not sure that I understand why there are DNP programs for Nurse Administrators, but not for the educators.

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    I would encourage you to take a look at the Essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice from the AACN ( This document details to charge for DNP programs.

    DNP programs are intended to focus on practice for individual patients or for systems leadership in communities (this would be the focus for programs in public health or administration). The DNP is a practice degree, not an education degree. Of course many graduates may end up as nursing faculty, but the DNP program is not intended to prepare faculty.
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    I know that Case Western Reserve has a DNP program with an educator focus.
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    hi there sunflower 3

    I've been looking at DNP program from the University of Minnesota ( They have 14 specialities. check that out
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    I do know that both the University of South Alabama
    and Samford University in Birmingham Alabama have education tracks in their DNP programs.
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    Thank you for your reply. I will look at those websites

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