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CNM to DNP and Frontier vs Yale

  1. 0 I am currently in school at Frontier to become a CNM-CNEP106. I love Frontier, I think it is the perfect choice for me now but have met a couple of CNM's where I work who went straight through to do their DNP at other schools (CU for one and Columbia for the other).

    Are there any ideas of whether a DNP is worth it for a CNM?

    Also, I've heard a DNP at Frontier is only 17 additional credits (9 months I heard) to the original CNM MSN 64 credits. In research the DNP at Yale would be an extra 3 years part time, over $60,000, and I'm unsure if there is a distance option (is moving a necessity for the DNP program?). After my MSN at Frontier I will be free of student loans....

    Any thoughts from current, prospective or past DNP students at either University?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    After response back for Yale admissions the DNP is distance but requires trips to New Haven monthly...
    Frontier is 33 credits for the post masters, though as of class 114 the DNP and MSN will be rolled together and only be 17 additional credits after the masters.

    Not sure where babies come into my grand plans but they'll have to go somewhere too....
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    I don't know if I understand your question entirely, but if you are asking would I go to Frontier or Yale, there is no question, lol.


    If you are asking whether or not to pursue a DNP at all, I can't answer that for you. You have to take a personal inventory of your goals and determine where doctoral preparation fits.