BSN-DNP, no experience - page 3

by acarlow

I am currently a BSN student, graduating in May. I want to be an ACNP, thus I applied to the University of Arizona's BSN-DNP ACNP Program. I just received notification that I was accepted. Since, I have told others in the field... Read More

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    For those of you already in the BSN-DNP program, how do you like your classes? Do you find the teachers helpful? Do your classes have a lecture component or is there more power point teaching? Thanks in advance for any insight!
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    For those of you who just started and went to RISE this fall, how it is going!!?
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    One advise for those considering BSN-DNP find the school that helps with clinical placement. I am being serious.
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    I like your idea of pursuing an advance practice however it is much better if you have couple of years experience in your field before pushing through. it is like jumping in to the river without a life vest,I know that you will be able to swim but the strong current might injure you. This is just my opinion and the decision is still yours. best regards