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I am graduating in a few days, whoo hoo! Of course, I have no license and no job prospects, but have decided not to worry about that immediately. :lol2: I am forging ahead and beginning the DNP coursework next semester,... Read More

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    Quote from tracelane
    Look at the programs carefully. We were required to have more clinical hours in addition to the classroom time which was a bit strange being an NP already but I have learned from my clinical time. We were able to select clinical experiences in areas where we felt we needed more expertise. For instance, I spent time putting in IUDs and working in a free clinic where I learned more about community resources and funding. I also made sure I spent time with a radiologist.

    I don't think the DNP is for me, especially since I now only want to see patients. I think an option for getting more clinical would be to add on more clinical hours in your NP program, after completing the required clinical, and make it in areas where you wanted more exposure.
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    Quote from linearthinker
    Thanks for the input. I communicated with the director again, and was reassured it would be fine. I'm only planning on working PT anyway. Maybe 1, Hopefully 2, but not to exceed 3 days a week. That should leave me time for residency, fellowship and classwork. I hope. Worst case, Ill have to get a live in governess for the kidlets, lol.
    I wasn't able to do much in the way of any type of work during the last year, but then again, I kind of fast tracked it.
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    I honestly am happy I have waited until I have worked as an NP for 4 years and am now starting my post MSN DNP program. I feel I know the clinical part of my job quite well now, but it's only because I have been doing this job for 4 years that I realize my weak areas: health care policy, insurance, etc. This makes me appreciate the required DNP classes way more now that I understand why they are so important versus when I just graduated from NP school

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    Is it an "absolute" that a doctorate is going to required as the entry level into FNP come 2015 and if so is that the beginning or end of the year> I just read AACN's white paper ..not sure if its a recommendation or set in stone???
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    Not sure if doctorate will be required for future NPs quite yet. I am guessing it will be many years before this actually hapoens

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    Hope you are very happy for that

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