RN looking to help Florida Hospitals/Hurricane Irma Victims

  1. Hi! I'm an RN with 10+ yrs of critical care/ED experience. I'd like to help with Hurricane Irma disaster relief, crisis staffing needs, or any way possible. Can anyone offer any advise on how I go about offering assistance to my fellow nurses and emergency personnel. I have been looking, but I haven't been seeing too many posts seeking help yet, maybe it's too soon? I just thought it would be easier reaching them sooner rather than later as I would be traveling down from PA. Thank You in advance!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I believe you can find information and a place to sign up on the HHS website.
  4. by   Lisawvu
    Hi!! I am interested too and also from PA!!! Did you find anything out? I can't find anything
  5. by   Lucylyn
    Here is the link provided by the state

  6. by   Sblackmon1
    I am also an experienced emergency nurse with disaster training. I would like to help I would like to help in Florida. Any one have contact information
  7. by   tnbutterfly
    This is on one of the FL disaster relief websites.

    If you are a nurse and available to volunteer, please email BPRCHDPreparedness@flhealth.gov to volunteer.