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Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot' - page 27

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    I see that not only are hospitals and clinics threatened with not getting medicare/medicaid reimbursement for not getting staff 90% vaccinated but that according to this article they can lose their accreditation:

    This basically FORCES ALL CLINICS AND HOSPITALS to MANDATE the flu vaccination or go out of business. This is being forced by our government, but why???
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    Ok lindy, but what about those that get the flu shot and still get sick? Or people that have an allergic reaction to it? Or religious groups that are against injections? Should nurses in those circumstances be forced to recieve it? And if it was really that serious, why aren't all medical institutions requiring it? personally, some years I get the shot and other years I don't. Just a matter of convienience for me. However, no one should be forced to get it.
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    We can wear masks or get a flu shot.
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    I agree Nurses should have the freedom to do what they want with their own body, if I don't want to wash my hands between patients then that's my business. Right?
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    I refused the flu shot and I intend to keep doing so, my parents never vaccinated my brother or me and we rarely get sick (knock on wood). Maybe we have just been lucky. I haven't gotten the flu or really sick at all in the time I've been working in the hospital. I agree with others rights that say I get to decide what goes in my body just as our patients do. What if patients share rooms with other patients that have not had the flu shot? We do our best to keep patients in private rooms if they are in a condition of a heavily depleted immune system and if the patient or family has an issue I wouldn't mind if they asked if I had the shot. I would gladly tell them no and they have every right to request a caregiver that had received it. I wouldn't be offended.
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    Quote from o3lissao
    I refused the flu shot and I intend to keep doing so, my parents never vaccinated my brother or me and we rarely get sick (knock on wood). Maybe we have just been lucky.
    Did your parents refuse to have you vaccinated against any diseases at all? How did you get around that in nursing school? My best friend was a Christian Scientist, and she got a religious waiver for all vaccines in public school from elementary to high school. But going to college is not a right; nursing school is completely optional and there was NO religious waiver for vaccines because it was a requirement of the clinical facilities.
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    I think everyone should get the flu shot. I hate it when parents come in and are surprised their kid has the flu when they openly admit they do not believe in vaccinations. Then they seem shocked that the kid could get the flu from other kids in their kindergarten class.