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I am currently doing my preceptorship at a Hospital that is making flu shots mandatory this year. They are even taking it to the level that if you don't agree to get it, they will make you wear a button stating your choice not to... Read More

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    In response to the OP, I am just in school, but the school is requiring both the seasonal and the H1N1 vaccinations. We can sign a waiver if we want, but then we will have to wear a mask all day in clinicals. We will only be allowed to remove it for lunch. I am opposed to mandatory vaccinations, but I understand and support the reasoning behind it, and had my first flu shot ever this fall. I will also get the H1N1 vaccination, but I am a little afraid of that one.
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    My facility is mandating both vaccines. There are 3 reasons you dont get it 1) is medical (allergic to eggs, hx of gilliaine barre) 2) religous reasons and I forget the 3rd but if you have these accomodations you get to wear a mask every minute you are on hospital property except your 30 minute lunch break...otherwise end result you get terminated. I dont agree either but jobs are hard to find right now and some battles arent worth fighting at this moment so I got both of mine.

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