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A nice grouping of facts and reference linked info on the H1N1 vaccine controversy, as well as a list of the Vaccine manufacturers' product spec sheets at the bottom.... Read More

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    Quote from ZenaBethune
    I find out now that Smallpox is really 'foot and mouth disease of the Cow.....known as Cowpox! Again, why does government vaccinate us against animal diseases?????? In 1914 when there was a Smallpox out break....they vaccinated people again against an animal disease
    You are confused. Cowpox and smallpox are NOT the same virus nor do they cause the same disease however they are related. Exposure to cowpox lent immunity to smallpox as observed by Edward Jenner who went on to formulate a vaccine against smallpox using the fluid from cowpox blisters.

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    ZenaBethune, most of us are professional nurses here. We are asking for credible information.

    We have again been given more links to unknown sources that claim to have the inside track that all of us are too ignorant to be aware of. We don't know anything about some of these websites or the credentials of those professing to tell us what the facts are, hence the request for peer reviewed data. Why would we believe anything those websites are tellling us? A brief review of some of them revealed many half truths and distorted information.

    It would make far more sense to only post one article at a time with a link that
    clearly dicusses the info meant to be conveyed. Ideally that link would lead to the
    exact information that we are supposed to see, so no one has to guess which article
    on the page they are being referred to like they do now. These reams of links and
    articles that do not seem to be connected to each other are overwhelming.
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    Quote from ZenaBethune
    Google this : H1N1 flu vaccine made from monkey kidneys' or dead fetus lung tissue and see that there are 459 articles that you can read and study and then come to your own conclusions.
    I googled "nurses and H1N1 misinformation" and got over 20,000 hits. Your right. I have come to my own conclusions.
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    :spin:In response to your reply to me.......did you read any of the 459 articles that I suggested? Did you read any of the articles that you suggested? Or are you like congress who doesn't read the bills......?
    Here are some of them that read........and if you read them you will get the understanding from a different angle and perception than you apparently have
    This one is from EMS .....and a wife that is a nurse....http://www.emsresponder.com/article/...&siteSection=1
    Oct. 13--A dozen/12 ems workers or fewer, of the 550 emergency first responders with the Las Vegas Fire Department received the inhaled H1N1 FluMist vaccine Saturday, an indication they are probably concerned about the problems that could arise from a vaccination involving a live virus, an official said Monday.

    "I know I'm leery about a live virus going into me," said department spokesman Tim Szymanski.
    He said most department personnel may have "elected to wait for the shot ... My wife is a nurse and she feels the same way."
    Dr. John Middaugh, director of the health district's division of community health.

    "There are a lot of myths and misinformation being circulated out there," he said. "I can understand people's concern," he said. "People want to know it's safe for them and for others. It's just natural."

    Talk shows and the Internet are full of concerns that the government rushed the H1N1 vaccine. A recent poll by Consumer Reports found that only 35 percent of parents surveyed would definitely have their children vaccinated.

    Theoretically, Skinner said Monday, someone who had recently received a FluMist vaccination could spread the virus to someone who was profoundly immunocompromised, such as AIDS patients.

    "So if they get vaccinated with FluMist, we want them to wait seven days before returning to work with severely immunocompromised patients," he said.

    Middaugh said the wait is "an extra precaution."
    Here's one and it has nothing to do with the Flu Vaccine but Healthcare......like I said how many did you read???

    Death by Misinformation: What Health Care Reform Is Up Against
    July 31, 2009
    At a recent town hall meeting, a man stood up and told Representative Bob Inglis to “keep your government hands off my Medicare.” The congressman, a Republican from South Carolina, tried to explain that Medicare is already a government program — but the voter, Mr. Inglis said, “wasn’t having any of it.”

    by the way, from your expert Congressman, did they clear up your misinformation in those Tea Party's , or did they just tell you , sorry I don't know what is in the bill yet.? And is your congressman admitting that he or she is got or is going to get the H1N1 x4 Flu Vaccines? Cuz, my Senator Levin's office said they are going to get it!
    There is much misinformation about H1N1 flu, Turner says. For the most reliable, complete and current information, she recommends the following two government websites: www.cdc.gov/h1n1 or www.flu.gov.

    ( Notice in the all of the articles, that I have read so far...they claim there is misinformation but no one is really answering the questions or giving any answers or clarifying the ingredients.....
    I wish to clarify the words that I used in this original blog I did .......you all have picked up on that and apparently do not understand the making of vaccines as well as I do.....so when I said .the vaccine was made from., that is what I meant ..........and I want to emphasize that its what it was Cultured from......which there is admitted knowledge of that fact on the "patent storm' website...they will tell you each Big Pharma, what they grew the virus in or obtained it from ........therefore, it is in the vaccine itself....)
    I know its shocked your common sense as it did mine. I am retired now so I have plenty of time to study these things...if I were still working , I wouldn't take the time of day to look all of these websites up for myself......I would probably go by what the TV says................or the two CDC and FDA sites are saying.....
    .I wouldn't have time to look up what a researcher's report said when in 1976 at Fort Dix, :usarm:the new recruits were vaccinated with the Swine Flu and several died and many more got the Swine flu/and scientists wondered why? and tried to seek out the reason when none of them were around pigs........and when that happened.....the full investigation and study was done, pages and pages of it.....which I read and understood....
    I got the Swine flu shot too in 1976 and thought I was going to die on the way home...my heart started tachying:heartbeat and I couldn't breathe. I got home and it subsided and a week or so later.....President Ford comes on the news after he the President had mandated that Flu Vaccination for our entire nation and said......The Swine Flu cannot be transmitted from pigs to humans....sorry about that we were wrong....After many died from the vaccine and 20,000 got Gullian Buerie..

    So, my dear fellow nurses, possibly you are too young to remember that.......but no way will I ever get the Swine Flu shot again:redlight:......and rightfully so don't yah think.....Of course I want to do the right thing, but I don't want to be told something and later find out it was the wrong thing........Look at the drugs out there that we have given to patients trusting the doctors and the big pharma only to find out they caused heart attacks or death and were later recalled........come on people admit it ........I don't trust them....when this years 2009 scare tactic came out in the News from our government again to mandate the Swine Flu Vaccine again and mention of marital law and fines and quarantines started being mentioned again....my ears perked up and I started studying this .......:msk:

    I might ask who really has the misinformation.....why do you not question authority fellow humans......at least make them back it up like you have this human being..........if they avoid the giving you the answers then that ought to say something.....ever heard of how people handle lies? avoidance, denial, lies can't be back up with anything but another lie, where the truth always has the facts to back it up..................yahda yahda yahda..........
    Everything is OK..........ilyc:
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    Quote from ZenaBethune
    In regards to the H1N1 Vaccine. I know what has been facturally put in the vaccine, therefore, I will not take it. IT is made from Asian people's bodies, and dead bodies from 1918 which had the Spanish Flu. And now they are saying that they are putting in Live Virus's....No thank-you, I don't want someone else's DNA mixed with mine.......nor do I want 1000 times the amount of Thiosal /Mercury, nor do I want Squalene , or monkey kidneys' or dead fetus lung tissue .......no thank-you.
    I won't drink your Kool-Aid ! All of the people who have reportedly, died of the H1N!, did they get Vaccinated first and then died of it? Has anyone read that the there is a NO LIABILITY CLAUSE for all drug companies, doctors and hospitals who give the people the H1N! vaccines ....? Doesn't that tell you something?

    Has anyone read the "Solari Report", the government wants to Depopulate about 90 % of the people on earth.....especially the unemployed, the poor, elderly and unborns.....its a good way to do it.....Mandate a Worldwide Vaccine for a created pandemic, include in the vaccine live virus so in case it doesn't become a pandemic naturally it will help to spread it to be one......

    Most flu's originate in warm , highly populated countries. Why take that flu and then spread it around the world to all of the people....when it might have just stayed in that locality and gotten only them. How do we know that this is not really "germ warfare"against us? How do we know if it isn't a way to bail out the medical field which is collapsing due to 50 million or more who do not have medical insurance and do not go to doctors anymore......?
    Why are doctors having to "moonlight" in E.R.s now in order to make money? Didn't Obama bail out the doctors when he said he was going to give each doctor $135K to get their offices onto a nationwide Medical Data port to nationalize our medical records , plus much more of private information. Medical coding software and the best user friendly one only costs $1,000. The worst one costs $100,000. According to my interview with a doctor who tried both.

    While nurses have gone without an increase in their wages for the past 20 years.!

    So was that a another disguised bail out for the doctors....while the patients go bankrupt going to them??????with our tax money?????? If you haven't figured out how our government has criminally come up with these programs than you are living in a dream world.......! The fraud that goes on with our medical records and billing is atrocious! The waiting to get into to see "specialists" for friends of mine with acute problems is unethical but financially lucrative for the all doctors to get a piece of the $ pie.

    The fact that there are 500,000 LPN"s out of work across our nation and our hospitals train a off the street person 3 days on the job to do the job a LPN went to school for in a Board Certified Nursing school for 12 months and became licensed through the state board of nursing.......and you let the untrained person to do invasive treatments and assist the RN in healthcare......and then wonder why Healthcare is way below what it used to be in this country.....The lack of knowledge and lack of wisdom in the healthcare field is why it is not a good thing for the patient but a profitable thing for the for profit administrators of our hospitals across this nation. If a LPN was put back to work we wouldn't have a nursing healthcare shortage in this nation and hospitals would not have to subcontract out high paid travelers and foreign nurses, and doctors. What the National Board of Nurses has done to our profession by allowing a Medical Assistant or a off the street person to perform what a nurse was licensed to do is absolutely unethical and immoral in my opinion.

    They are being hired for doctors offices and being used by the doctor to do my H &P, report my labs to me and to prescribe my medications. All things if I would have done as nurse I could have lost my license...but they do not have one to loose.....If I hadn't of been a nurse.....I would not have caught all of the mistakes I have had with my healthcare. That should not be happening in a country that has always honored our education and our compassion and our experience

    Ignorance is Bliss ! And most people think the Bliss is truth ! The Bliss is smokescreen, so you don't know the facts!

    I am sorry I ranted on about what I have been made aware of in my life but nursing is now controlled by the AMA and the for profit corporation hospitals. I had a AMA member / internist, once tell us at the nurses station 13 years ago.....you nurses can go get your BSN's, M.A's, your PH.D.s all you want , but in a few years when we own the hospitals and the insurance companies and we want to pay you $12 a hour, you will either take it and work, or you will be without a job. Because, we can hire a nurses aide to do the work you do! What do you think about that arrogant doctor!!!! I guess he was right though wasn't he......while the woman on the National Board of Nursing allowed it to happen.......

    Have a good Sunday to all the survivors......of the flu and of the nursing jobs.......take care!
    I'm supposed to laugh now...... right??
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    Don't ask me what your " suppose to"do.......we are free human beings , I would not want to hinder your freedom to be who you are.......so you do what you are free to do.......that is something that only the you inside of you can know......unless you want to share it with people that love you . I love you for who you are. You are free to express through speech, laughter,tears, gratitude,anger, whatever you hold inside of you will be understood because we are all of the human race and we know each other because we are alike and yet very different. I love all personalities . So feel free to express who you are......, express what you have learned in life and what you have found out on the subject discussed, your free to agree or free to disagree.........But be Free! Everything is OK! .:levcmmt::ilyc:
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    Temp closed for review
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    As a professional nursing website, Allnurses tries to post high quality, factual, evidenced based nursing and medical information from recognized peer-reviewed publications and websites. When discussing nursing and health care information, we do not permit inappropriate generalizations and personal non-scientific websites to be reported as factual info.
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