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I live in Florida and so far it looks like hurricane Irma has a good chance of hitting us. If it does I will be required to stay at work until it blows over. What are some good things to bring with... Read More

  1. by   Beau&B
    I live in NH; can they really go after your license in Florida for choosing to evacuate, especially if evacuation is recommended?? Provided that you notify your managers well ahead of time. I understand that your job may choose to terminate you (although that sucks too), but it blows my mind that your license could be in danger for that. I got my RN because I wanted to help people, but my husband and daughter will always come first. If I was in the line of the hurricane, you bet I would be evacuating my family.
  2. by   shannonspartan
    Absolutely bring an air mattress as you will probably not be given a hospital bed. Clothes, underwear, toiletries, water, non perishable food and snacks, chargers for phones, I brought portable DVD player and movies to share for people to decompress. A supply of prescription medications in the actual prescription bottle in case you need refills. Tylenol, Motrin, Advil,
    Blankets, pillows, towels, linens
  3. by   Elfriede
    Batteries, candles, lighter, ambu-bag. Powersupply is the first and the worst to fail.

    All wishes and prayers from Germany.
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  4. by   Ibimademade
    It's good for u to go we just finish our own in Houston it's going to be 24 hours payment and u will like it just get ur panties, clothes, soup, blanket and other thing u think u may need very important food and snacks. Love u
  5. by   matthias_h
    I would bring some sort of air mattress or sufficiently soft cot to put on the floor. Check what Walmart or other stores still have left. I had to sleep one night without that on a floor and sustained painful bruises, back and neck pain. Also, some bedding to go along with that. I would bring my pet with needed food supplies, watering device and whatever else may be needed since the hospital will let you do it. You never now what catastrophic damage your home or apartment may sustain while you are not there. Also, pets get scared when they are alone in a dramatic situation like that. In addition, maybe have your laptop computer with you, phone, charger and any irreplaceable mementos. Also all toiletries you would take on a vacation trip, enough changes of clothing and any valuable outerwear (coats, jackets). Who knows what may happen to your place while away if it gets a direct hit from the hurricane.
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  6. by   Future_Nurse123
    I agree with you. It's like their company is forcing them to work or they lose their job. I guess I would have loose my job because my safety and family comes first.
  7. by   jkesler
    Yes. In Florida and a number of other states they can legally force you to stay during an emergency such as a hurricane. They often call it "patient abandonment". Also, because Florida is a "right to slavery".. .er I mean a "right to work" or "at will" state they can arbitrarily fire you for any reason or no reason.

    Which is probably a good reason to check out the Nurse Practice Act and other applicable policies and laws in any state before you decide to live there and be a practicing nurse.
  8. by   jkesler
    A number of others have already made some suggestions for ear plugs, air mattress, snacks, changes of clothes, and etc.

    I would also bring a good book or two. If the power goes out on your tablet, phone, kindle, etc you can still read a book.
  9. by   Taylorjm
    Extra dry socks for sure. If you have a solar charger and crank radio bring them, just in case if you all loose power to the backup Generator. Anything solar for that matter. The camping gear stores have that kind of stuff like solar lanterns if its not too late. Maybe they can open up for Medical staff emergency supplies... Send a CEO down there to get that kind of thing. Zip lock baggies are good for paper documents to keep them as dry as possible if you all have to evac the hospital. Good luck and Prayers to you all out there....Keep your head up!
  10. by   Roz, RN
    I would be sure to bring a charger for my phone and my knitting.