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I need advice for preparing for Disaster Relief. I am an ICU nurse from Utah who just put in his application with the Red Cross, to help with the imminent need in Texas. I need to know how best... Read More

  1. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Texas nicu transport team activated pre-Harvey evacuates neonates before storm hits: Special cargo: Lubbock NICU nurses help out during hurricane rescue efforts | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

    (All part of OEM disaster planning. A lot was learned from Katrina, Sandy and other storms in the north and south east)
  2. by   jusjfow
    I'm calling this place today... appears they are an agency asking for a 1 week commitment with a 5 shift assignment (do not have to work consecutively).
    Hope to meet you if you make there! -Jjf


    First and foremost, a HUGE "Thank You" to the thousands of caregivers that have contacted us willing to help out our friends in Texas. We were truly overwhelmed by the response, (but not at all surprised). Here's the update:
    With the storm stalling out, and the weather conditions that it has caused, forced the facilities to "make due" with what they have locally. The airports are jammed and many Hospitals cannot be safely accessed yet. Efforts currently are focused on safety and the emergency rescue of citizens in the area.
    There have been a few travelers that have started relief efforts, but many, many more will be needed. In fact, the longer it continues to stall out, them more help we will need. If you haven't been called yet, it is because we cannot safely get you to the effort....yet. Please be patient.
    We are humbly asking everyone to please call us directly, rather than post or "instant message" us here. Contacting us during business hours is the optimum way to get started, (M-F 8am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time). If you cannot contact us then, you can call us after hours, by using extension 203, which has been dedicated for this relief effort, but only if you simply are unable to contact us during business hours.
    We need you. While there is a "prioritization," based upon location, size of the airport you are traveling from, your specialty, and how quickly you can travel, please know that as time goes by, there will be additional needs, replacement needs, and long-term needs. We will do everything we can to have you help out the dire situation there.
    If you have not contacted us yet, there is certainly still time. We believe that needs might remain high for 2 to 3 months. We are asking for a minimum of a 1 week commitment, with a 5, 12-hour shift guarantee, but you will be welcome to stay for as long as you can. There is no "prioritization" for how long you are willing to commit.
    Thank you once again for your willingness to help. We are always so inspired by how many of you are always so ready to help. It's truly inspiring.
    Call us at 800-245-9414 if you would like to talk to a recruiter to be put on the available list.
    Thank you!
    Always at your service... Meridian Medical Staffing.
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    Hi jusjfow, were you able to get in touch with Meridian? Am also interested in assisting with Hurricane Harvey efforts but not sure which travel agency to go with...
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    Quote from MedSurgRN14
    Hi jusjfow, were you able to get in touch with Meridian? Am also interested in assisting with Hurricane Harvey efforts but not sure which travel agency to go with...
    Most recent reports minimal staffing nursing is needed due to lack of access. The one link above has a registry of nurses. Note there are less scrupulous staffing agencies that try and profit off disaster claiming to have staff ready to go for devastated facilities charging premium rates like the strike staffing agencies. Do your due dilligence . If you are truly interested in travel nursing check out the travel nursing forum
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    JustBeachyNurse, thank you for your suggestion. That is an excellent point!