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So, all being healthcare professionals, we are all urged (if not required) to be vaccinated for the flu annually. I completely understand why. I know there is some controversy about flu vaccines and their safety as well though. I... Read More

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    Quote from citylights89
    I have to bump this up.

    Just a quick input about vaccines: Not too long ago, Bill Gates said that the world population could be controlled with the use of vaccines, health care, and reproductive services. That's pretty scary and its not the first time that I have heard something to this effect, with the exception of the health care part. All this is done to release CO2 levels. Methinks the New World Order is on its way...

    Don't believe me? Here is Bill Gates saying it himself:

    I'm sorry, but seriously? I don't think he was getting his point across very well, but I highly doubt he was trying to say that the population could be reduced with vaccines. Number 1, if vaccines were such an effective and foolproof way of killing people, a lot more people would be dead and number 2, if there were some secret plan to kill everybody with vaccines (or anything else), would one of its proponents announce it while being recorded on video and audio in the age of the internet?

    In addition, this was a highly edited video suffering from a severe case of taken-out-of-context-itis. Whoever put this together couldn't let people see the whole video because the whole video probably doesn't support the idea that Bill Gates wants to kill people with vaccines.
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    sorry I haven't had time to read the whole thread yet but I'd like to address a couple things. I have spent some time researching this subject as it appears to be a popular one on the web. The MMR vaccine link to autism article has been refuted numerous times. The current flu vaccine is a stack of both traditional flu shot and H1N1.

    I don't think the current flu shot has ethylmercury in it, I just think the MMR vaccine has a small amount in it.

    Do not confuse mercury with ethylmercury. Small amounts of mercury (hg) are very toxic, very small amounts of methylmercury are toxic (like in fish, methylmercury has a life life around 100 days), ethylmercury is even less toxic with about a 7-14 day half life. MMR vaccine in the past has had very amounts of ethylmercury as a preservative, this has never been shown to be toxic and is well researched. Also,
    just as caffeine and cocaine are similar chemically, huge difference bio-actively between the two. Equally large differences between mercury and ethylmercury.

    Lastly, Formaldehyde has also been used as a preservative. This amount is minuscule in comparison to the amount of Formaldehyde even a child's body produces in a day (yes the human body produces Formaldehyde, just look it up). In fact, the widely popular artificial sweetener "Aspartame" actually breaks down into Formaldehyde among other things. Maybe thats why your not supposed to consume aspartame while pregnant? Another discussion all together anyways, but point is the amount of formaldehyde is in the picograms or something in these vaccines, less than a child would probably get in their body from a diet coke.
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    Studies have shown that you are more likely to get GB as a result of influenza infection than as a result of flu vaccine.

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    Quote from Horseshoe

    Studies have shown that you are more likely to get GB as a result of influenza infection than as a result of flu vaccine.

    Here is a link to the study referenced in the Reuter's article:


    and from the article . . .
    . . . Tam et al. [28] recently provided evidence that influenza vaccination might actually protect against GBS. These authors pointed out that this finding was not inconsistent with an absolute increase in GBS risk after vaccination but that it indicated a smaller risk than that after influenza. . . .
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    I was just required to get a flu shot, and I am a little confused about what is actually considered the flu season. It is currently the middle of March...two days from the start of Spring. Has flu season not passed?

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