Fighting mandate regarding flu vaccines - page 6

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I am a last year FNP student....and my university just sent an email mandating both the Influenza and H1N1 vaccines. The state attorney--of the Dept of Public Health does not mandate this for healthcare workers--so it seems a... Read More

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    I think it would be helpful for some of the nurses who are objecting to vaccination to go back and review the basic principles of epidemiology.
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    Ok, seriously? please...just stop #@##@'in and take it LOL...Are you the same pple that don't want your kids to take the HPV because "my kids not having sex so why should she need it?" LOL-if you only knew what your kid was really doing these days.
    Bottom line, if you're not willing to take adequate precautions against a pandemic, then don't go crying that it's the governments fault when true chaos arises.