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Anyone else upset by the requirement to take flu vaccine or else... not even a mask option??? Only way out is a MD note stating "severe" allergy. Why is it we can't force our patients but our... Read More

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    For or against...bottom line is its my body and "I" will decide what "I" choose to put into it, I will NOT participate in forced inoculation!!!
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    That is wonderful to hear. Me neither. Another thing I was thinking about, as I see the direction we seem to be moving in nationally with forced vaccination in schools, hospitals, and various contexts, is who is it that will be asked to do the injections into people who do not want them? Does it then become the role of the nurse, to be the one who physically violate the autonomy of another human being? This is very contradictory to what the values of nursing are supposed to be about.
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    For those of you that don't know, I was recently told I could not continue in nursing school because of refusal to get the shot. I am no longer in nursing school now, but I feel violated....
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    That is horrible and unfair. What state? I ran into a similar problem when I was in nursing school, and it was challenging but eventually I found a solution. What happened to you is a good example of why we need to protect our right as autonomous individuals to refuse any drug that we do not want. How many excellent nurses will be prevented from helping people for this reason?
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    Here whats truely amazing...some of these very facilities are the same entities that scream discrimination for government run healthcare when it come to birth control or abortion, but will force their own employees to take vaccinations in order to keep their jobs...i say,!!!...isnt it ironic!!!
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    Quote from dcookRN
    That is horrible and unfair. What state? I ran into a similar problem when I was in nursing school, and it was challenging but eventually I found a solution. What happened to you is a good example of why we need to protect our right as autonomous individuals to refuse any drug that we do not want. How many excellent nurses will be prevented from helping people for this reason?
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    To an extent, I understand those who hold differing views from my own. You all make valid arguments; I just hold an opposing view. I am curious though; can those of you who oppose mandatory flu vaccination policies share how you've handled other employer requests, like:
    1. Hepatitis B, Varicella, Tdap, & MMR series &/or titers
    2. TST/PPD or IGRA testing for TB
    If you feel these are very different, can you explain how? Thanks.
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    I had chicken pox, a positive ppd (means i can't ever have one again), MMR series was completed when I was a child. TDAP is not mandated (I am current anyway by choice), I actually had positive titers to Hep B initially, but later a negative set. So I took a fourth Hep B vaccine. Don't think you have immunity just because you took three vaccines...can we say false sense of security.

    I am not against vaccination, and I do believe you can opt out of all of these at my facility......meaning, it is your choice to protect yourself or not.

    FYI. I posted the original discussion. I ended up taking the vaccine, haven't thought about it since.

    In regards to everything you listed, I fully support the use of vaccinations... I think prevention is key. But no one should be able to mandate it for condition of employment or else. If it is to be required, then an alternative should be offered. I really feel strongly that the government should stay out of it.

    It's a slippery slop. Obviously people have strong opinions about it and for the time being, we all should just agree to disagree My personal opinion is that it will lead to other requirements, that will eventually ruffle some of the feathers of those who support it.
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    this is a very good thread with some excellent points being made.
    I am not against vaccinations. They have their purpose like all medications.
    As a RN for the past 35 years I have always advocated to my family, friends and patients to always think of the risk versus benefit when dealing with medications and to educate themselves as much as possible concerning health matters.
    Everyone reacts to medications in their own particular way. I know that as a nurse you have seen some patients take benadryl and be almost consciously sedated while to others it seemed to have had no affect. Also studies have shown that even the time of day some medications are given can have a profound affect on the result. How many times have we looked at the PDR for information on a medication and under "Mechanism of Action" it lists "Unknown". What all this means to me is you have to be very careful concerning all medications including vaccines.
    To mandate FOR ALL HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES (etc) an ineffective vaccine manufactured by liability free companies is just wrong. Plain and simple.
    My personnel situation is this. After working for a hospital for 35 yrs I am now resigning over this. I cannot take the vaccine, I have a history of "serum sickness" from vaccines that is well documented and excepted. I am 63 yrs old which eliminates me for the nasal spray.
    My particular hospital will require that I wear a face mask during every minute of my work day for the next 4 months if I do not receive the flu vaccination. I am not in direct patient care. I do utilization management instruction, quality development type work and i never have to go into a patients room. I refused to be "marked" by a face mask. I also realize that while a face mask may offer some protection, it is much more important to do proper handwashing, cough/sneeze control and to stay at home if you do not feel well.
    I also agree with the last post that this mandate can lead to other mandates.
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    I have received the majority of vaccinations available. Many were given to me as a child before I knew much about the subject. The number of vaccines given to children is astonishing, and it is many more than were given when I was growing up in the eighties. Many chronic illnesses, auto-immune disorders, food allergies etc are becoming exponentially more common. The reality is, we do not really know why this is happening. But we do know drugs, including vaccines, are often fast tracked and given to the public before the consequences are fully understood. Do we really need to vaccinate for every disease or disorder can come up with a vaccine for? Should vaccines for rotovirus (which causes diarrhea) or HPV be mandated and treated like vaccines for polio, measles or pertussis? I don't think so, but this has been and continues to be done. All the while, drug companies insist they are safe in any quantity, and any harm that results is handled privately in "vaccine court", and settlements usually require gag orders, and their is no liability for the drug companies who make more money for every vaccine that is mandated. No liability, guaranteed profits, seems like a great business model. Where do we draw the line? Hundreds of vaccines are being developed for everything from obesity to drug addiction, and the drug companies seem to want us to have all of the mandated and given in childhood. More people get sick and die because of obesity, poor diet etc, but little is done to address this. In my opinion, the flu does not warrant annual mandated vaccination. Think about it, being injected with a vaccine and all the aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and whatever else it contains every year, now based on the "required" schedule, from 6 months old on. For most people, the flu is a minor illness, and while unpleasant results in just a few days in bed. It has been so blown out of proportion over the last few years. When I consider the risk if the flu, and the risks/benefits of the vaccine, to me it is not worth getting and the right to use my own judgement to make this decision is extremely important to me. I do not want drug companies, the government or anyone else deciding what drugs I should take or give my kids. I have had other vaccines, which were claimed to bring life-long benefits with one dose. To me this is very different that getting injected with something year after year after year for the rest of my life.

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