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I am currently doing my preceptorship at a Hospital that is making flu shots mandatory this year. They are even taking it to the level that if you don't agree to get it, they will make you wear a... Read More

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    In response to the OP, I am just in school, but the school is requiring both the seasonal and the H1N1 vaccinations. We can sign a waiver if we want, but then we will have to wear a mask all day in clinicals. We will only be allowed to remove it for lunch. I am opposed to mandatory vaccinations, but I understand and support the reasoning behind it, and had my first flu shot ever this fall. I will also get the H1N1 vaccination, but I am a little afraid of that one.
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    My facility is mandating both vaccines. There are 3 reasons you dont get it 1) is medical (allergic to eggs, hx of gilliaine barre) 2) religous reasons and I forget the 3rd but if you have these accomodations you get to wear a mask every minute you are on hospital property except your 30 minute lunch break...otherwise end result you get terminated. I dont agree either but jobs are hard to find right now and some battles arent worth fighting at this moment so I got both of mine.

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