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I am working on a new policy for catheterization in my hospital. We are currently debating whether or not to ROUTINELY use Xylocaine for every catheterization on a male. I cannot find anything definitive in the literature. I... Read More

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    :angryfire I think it sounds like a good idea to use the "numby stuff". At our facility we don't typically use any unless we can't get the catheter in and the urologist uses it himself.

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    It is a good idea. I have some thoughts. I cath patients all the time and also work with urologists who do the same. I would say that it the typical medical model mindframe they NEVER allow enough time to let the local do it's job. Pretty much shoot the jelly and bame! Cath right behind... how can that be effective? I would recommend contacting the sales rep to see if they have info on time/action. Also, I would do a small study of patients immediately post cath and rate thier pain. As a male who has never been cathed, I can't really say. However, I have found that many of our patients seem to tolerate caths really well. Finally, rather than blanket "all male patients get a local jelly" maybe it would be better to determine who typically benefits from local. I.E. patients with uretheral inflammation... or BPH... or UTI. This would likely include you female popluation. Good Luck with this. Perhaps, you could post here again and let us know how this goes.
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    I think women don't get lignocaine pre foley insertion due to the short urethra. Males on the other hand have a bit more distance to travel! If it was me getting catheterised I would want about 10 litres of lignocaine!
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    we use installjel on anyone getting a catheter its lidocaine in ky jelly
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    Quote from Farkinott
    I think women don't get lignocaine pre foley insertion due to the short urethra. Males on the other hand have a bit more distance to travel!...
    And some males have more distance than others... :smilecoffeecup:
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    I helped set up a P&P at a hospital several years ago, staff was using xylocaine gel for foley and NG insertions, without any P&P.
    Now the hospital has moved it into it's order set for insertion orders.
    True, xylocaine is not immediatly effective both for this and for IV insertions. If you want things to be numb before insertion, you need to infuse the xylocaine and wait about 5 minutes. Otherwise, if you don't wait, there will still be some level of stimulation/pain/discomfort. But as articles have indicated, whether you wait or not, once it is effective, you'll have about 1-2 hours of comfort, post procedure. Which for those getting IV's, foleys, and/or NG's inserted for surgery, then in many cases, the client won't be climbing out of your stretcher as they are waking up, c/o the need to void!!!! Most times, all they need is the 1-2 hour window for their body to be adjusted to having an IV, foley, NG, whether it got inserted awake or asleep. Just make sure that the xylocaine you use for the foley is sterile!! For NG insertion it is not important for it to be sterile and can be viscous style for the nose, clears better post procedure.
    Also, if building order sets, remember "caine" allergy exclusion!!
    Good luck, your men, and women, will be very greatful!

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