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  1. I requested transfer to a different facility. I interviewed at the other clinic and was informed there was a full time position. It was advertised as full time in the ads and I formally put in a transfer request form after getting the o.k from the new clinic to transfer. Now suddenly, management is asking me to join in on recorded conference calls about covering my present facility and possibly the facility I'm transferring to. I was informed the facility that requested my transfer and advertised for a full time RN does not suddenly require a full time nurse. My area managers tell me other nurses in the area cannot cover my present facility because they don't know ecube, and don't know my facility. I was asked to train a replacement although they have not hired anyone yet and don't intend to send nurses who float. I do not have disciplinary actions against me and I'm not a manager. I have looked at the transfer policy and most transfer are granted within one month unless staffing needs do not permit. This does not feel right, but I feel going to human resources is a waste of time because my area managers are using staffing as an excuse. They choose not to replace me with a floater. I feel like I'm being bullied and that this is not the usual coarse of action for an employee requesting transfer. However, I know my present area manager is a bully and successfully interfering with my transfer. I know the conference calls are part of the bullying, to make sure I continue to cover my present facility and she is off the hook, no responsibilities. There is a company compliance line that I doubt is any more effective than human resources. I feel this situation is effecting my mental health. What are my options? Thanks.
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  3. by   Joni's Mom
    So sorry you are going through this, it just shouldn't be. You must have the same Managers (FA) (ROD's) that I have. Sounds like they're covering their back side. If you transfer it sure wont be in their best interest and it's all about their "best interest" not yours.
    I'm sorry that I don't have any advice to give you, but my heart goes out to you. Just know you aren't the only one these type of people Bully.
    I think at my company you have to be a position 6 months before you can transfer out, but again I'm not one hundred percent sure.
    You would think that if the job was posted then someone should get the position.
  4. by   Marisette
    Thanks Joni's Mom for your response. It appears that non union nurses don't have rights. We can be denied transfers, be targets of Bully managers, be subjected to unfair practices and not have recourse. Prior to the large dialysis providers take over, there were several independent providers that we could find employment. But now, it's put up and shut up or leave dialysis. Human resource only exist to back up management and protect the company.
  5. by   Joni's Mom
    You are 100% correct. If you have horrible management then it sucks to be us, but if your one of the lucky ones then great for you.
    It is unfair practices happening to both you and me, and how many others. I think they go to school to become bullies for the company, that and big big big bonuses.
    There is only one independent provider in our area and it's not hiring right now, but I keep looking, as I do love dialysis.
    Your also right on wrecking it for ourselves d/t being non-union meaning no rights for us only rights for the big company. Low wages, advancement in name only , and we should put up or shut up.
    With my new name only advancement Clinical Coordinator I am suppose to fill out a survey on how I think the recruiter did at his job. I haven't done this as of yet as the recruiter was working with the ROD and FA, and got reamed out for even calling me and giving me a heads up on that posted position. I still haven't gotten papers to sign that I agreed to become the Clinical Coordinator for my facility. Once I sign the invisible contract that I asked the recruiter to get for me, in which he said I would have to get that from the FA, then I will fill out that survey.
    If it sounds like I'm bitter then it's because of all the bullying that has been done to me.
    Sorry for the long ranting
    Continue to find out why that other facility put the request in for a full time nurse if one was not needed, find out the hours available and fill in those spots.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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