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    I am a RN since '87 and in dialysis since '98. I've recently become "burnt-out" with nursing in general and decided to take some time off from it all about 9 months ago. Since then, my husband (non-medical) had come into a real estate opportunity regarding a brand-new building to find a business to lease the space (or spaces, however large the operation would be). I suggested to him that the building would be perfect for a new dialysis clinic, since there were none in the immediate area at this time. And also, that if we could find the back up money, to start one on our own, in cooperation with the building's owners (who happen to be MD's, just not nephrologists). At first, it seemed a bit much to the MD's, but after some time, they became very excited about the prospect of owning their own clinic, instead of leasing it out to a large dialysis provider such as DaVita or Fresenius. It would, however, be up to my husband (who has managed several chiropractic and eye care clinics in his past) and myself (who has been in dialysis for over 10 years in both chronic clinics and in acute settings) to manage the operations for this new clinic. We are planning to start with 12 stations, and will have approx. 20 patients to start this operation (as per the "proposed" medical director's estimate). I was wondering if anyone has ever had such an opportunity to be a part of a new start up for a dialysis clinic, and could offer me any information or advice on how many employees, (nurses, techs, bio med) one would need to start with according to these patient numbers. I will also be able to help out in staffing as I am a dialysis nurse and can "fill in" to accomodate the start up of this clinic. I have a feeling that "filling in" will mean a full time job at first (meaning the first 6 months probably) but in any case, if anyone has any information or tips, I sure would welcome the input! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   bluemartian
    Starting a dialysis clinic is certainly a challenge, Im a nurse that is now working in medical sales mostly in dialysis. You may want to check out NRAA National Renal Administrators Association website, I attended their annual meeting last year in Cleveland and there are several adminstrators, upper corporate mgmt and consultants for several dialysis groups both national and independent clinic group that attend. Also check out the renalweb to see who supplies products , services, machines, etc. At the moment its a pretty tightknit community, I hope this helps, best of luck
  4. by   mweichman
    I came across your inquiry about starting a dialysis center. I work for our family company. We have been in business since 1979. We owned and operated nine dialysis centers until selling to DaVita. Currently, we manage a 14 person nephrology group that works in the DaVita facilities. Our physicians are Medical Directors at these centers. We do everything ranging from operations, recruiting, accounting and billing, etc. We also negotiate contracts between DaVita and the nephrologists.

    Please let me know if you would like to speak to us about how we could help you start a center.

    Mike Weichman
  5. by   mayass
    Just saw your post about the dialysis center. I would definately like to talk to you about the start up. Thanks
  6. by   aafrifa
    Hello Mike. i am also interested in starting a center in africa and would love to talk to you. i need any help i can get. please contact me at
  7. by   aafrifa
    Hello have you made any progress starting your clinic? I am very eager to start one too. Please contact me, so we can share some ideas.
  8. by   kariaini
    Hi Mike could you email me your contact I would like to talk to you about starting a dialysis clinic . thanks
  9. by   ebenlikenike
    Hi Mike could you please e-mail me your contact to Would be glad to talk to you.
  10. by   ajuna
    have you been successful in getting information on starting your dialysis center, if so, please i need to talk to you. Thanks,
  11. by   ajuna
    hi afrifa, have you been able to get information on starting dialysis center, if so, please let me know. Thanks,
  12. by   ioyeb
    Hi mike, i am interested in setting up a dialysis center in Africa and would need your help on how to go about it. Thanks!

  13. by   ioyeb
    Hi Mike, I am interested in opening a dialysis center in Africa and will appreciated and help i can get in going about it. Thank you!

  14. by   anthonyga
    i would also like to get information on starting a dialysis center. my wife is a bc nephrologist with 12+ years of experience. we're in the process of moving to be closer to my family and are looking at opening a nephrology clinic and dialysis center. of course we are looking for consultants, partners and all the other things needed to get this venture going.

    mike, if you can contact me so i can pick your brain some that would be great. my email

    if anyone else is a consultant please feel free to contact me as well.

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