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Hi, I am a RN since '87 and in dialysis since '98. I've recently become "burnt-out" with nursing in general and decided to take some time off from it all about 9 months ago. Since then, my husband (non-medical) had come into... Read More

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    Hi mike, i am interested in setting up a dialysis center in Africa and would need your help on how to go about it. Thanks!


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    Hi Mike, I am interested in opening a dialysis center in Africa and will appreciated and help i can get in going about it. Thank you!

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    i would also like to get information on starting a dialysis center. my wife is a bc nephrologist with 12+ years of experience. we're in the process of moving to be closer to my family and are looking at opening a nephrology clinic and dialysis center. of course we are looking for consultants, partners and all the other things needed to get this venture going.

    mike, if you can contact me so i can pick your brain some that would be great. my email

    if anyone else is a consultant please feel free to contact me as well.
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    I would imagine setting up a dialysis clinic just prior to Bundling would be extreemly concerning. I would wait until mid July 2011 when we really know how things are affecting the dialysis community
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    Here's a helpful blog post on water testing protocol for dialysis clinics:
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    You are probably already into a working dialysis center by now. I am wondering if you could e-mail me information/advise on a dialysis center start up.
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    With CMS and the bundle even the big two; davita and Fresenius are having trouble with cost containment. The little guys are all selling out quickly. The recent Liberty and RAI buy outs are what comes to mind.
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