Recomend a basic dialysis text book?

  1. 0 Hi, I am a relatively new nurse (1-1/2 years) who has recently started at an outpatient unit. I am looking for a clear, basic text book so that I can do some more in depth reading on some of the specifics of dialysis. UF profiling, sodium modeling, trouble shooting, and I am sure a bunch of stuff I don't know about yet!

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    I bought that same one Chisca recommends on I never did actually read it. What company will you work for? They should have plenty of training material available. We got all kinds of training at the company I worked for.
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    After all these years of wondering what the heck AACN was talking about with synergy I had to come to this forum to see it. Jynln2303 I think someone has a book for sale.

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