A Point of View From a Dialysis Patient - page 6

I have to admit, I have found some of these posts to be interesting. I hear alot of complaining about patients. I have to ask, is this a health care facility or a jail??? Having worked as a police officer, I know that... Read More

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    I love to run my machine, I would run 7 days per week, if IU would let me get away with it. With dialysis at 8 hours per treatment, 6 days per week, why do you need restrictions???? The IU Nephrologist and IU Nursing staff would agree with me. The average IU RN has 20-30 years of experience and they are outstanding, the best. One IU RN of 30 years experience said, "NDXUFan, you are going to be around forever, just to hassle me!!!!"

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    I would write more, but, I need to get on my machine.

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