Pediatric Dialysis

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    Hello Everyone!!! Could someone help me: I want to know from those pediatric dialysis nurses out there, what hemodialysis machine are you using for Peds, Gambro Phoenix or Fresenius K, and why do you choose one over the other?

    Any help is appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!!

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    I am not a PEDS dialysis nurse, but I know the children's hospital in our area uses the Fresenius K machines.

    I have used the Phoenix and the K's and I HATE the phoenix machines!!!!
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    Yup, the Fresenius K's are "pedia-friendly." It has a setting for "pediatric mode" that you can enable if needed.

    You can also use the Fresenius H for pedia patients.
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    Thanks for the information!!!
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    We use Gambro. Sorry, I don't remember why they were chosen over others but we have received good support from the company and it works well on kids of all sizes.
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    Thanks everyone!!! I will be starting a new PEDS outpatient unit soon and we will be getting the Fres.K's. Any info on Peds in dialysis would be great!!!
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    The facility I used to work for used Fresenius 2008K. It has the Peds mode and can be converted to neonatal.

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