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Not Sure What to Do...Fresenius Nurses? - page 2

I currently work for a large regional healthcare company as a float RN in their internal agency. I work on a contingent basis on various intermediate cardiac and med/surg units at a couple of... Read More

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    Hi there!
    would you mind to share their interview questions? If you do still remember, any tips?
    thank you...
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    Honestly, it's been over a year and I barely remember the interview, much less the questions I was asked. Sorry, but I really don't remember. I do remember that it was fairly quick and easy, but they really needed to hire some acutes nurses and I had several years of nursing experience.
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    I just interviewed with Fresenius. Also, I'm a new RN but 10 years of LPN experience. I did the online assessment yesterday. I don't know how things will go from there. Will this determine if I am hired?
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    I am a dialysis nurse with Fresenius.... the online assessment is primarily used to generate interview questions. That is what my clinic manager told me.
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    I love that assessment. I don't know how accurate it truly is and I don't know if you're really allowed to view the results yourself (?) But I got to see mine and really agreed with the interpretation. It's quite extensive. When I prepared to move upward in the company, I got a chance to see mine and it offered my strengths, weaknesses and what to focus on for developing me. Be as honest as you can be and you'll benefit from it.