New Grad In Dialysis, Yet Thinking of the Future...

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    I was hired at FMC and I like the environment, staff, and patients. As a single Mom of 3 teenagers-yes, you heard it right 3 of'um, I would like to know if in 2-3 years, will I be able to transfer my skills to other nursing disciplines? I have other aspirations and would welcome any feedback. Thanks, in advance...

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    I will say that dialysis is very, very specialized. The transferable skills you will have:

    1. Assessment
    2. Dealing with emergencies
    3. Good understanding of acid-base balance
    4. Experience with central lines
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    5/ Autonomy
    6/ Confidence
    7/ Lots of Renal and Cardiac knowledge
    8/ Diabetic Care, comprehension and management skills
    9/ Knowledge of specialized diets
    10/ Multi-disciplinary team work
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    WOW!!! I feel marketable ALREADY!!! Thanks. I have a feeling that I am going to be very happy at dialysis and beyond...

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