National Shortage of Normal Saline

  1. 0 How is this shortage of Normal Saline going to effect your facilities?

    I hear that Baxter may have production levels back to normal on the 17th January? This has the potential to be detrimental to our dialysis patients.

    Fresenius are also experiencing a shortage of saline

    Are your facilities making back up plans?

    I hear that hospitals will be effected too!

    Some of the units I work with use a vast amount of Normal saline per day

    What I want to know is how are these 'drugs' in short supply?

    Normal Saline, seriously how can this happen!
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    I heard that it was a shortage also. When I orde a few cases I was only sent 2 cases. I don't think they understand that in dialysis we can't run with out saline. Luckily I was working at a small hospital,, and I just 'borrowed' of the units until I got my shipment. I know this wouldn't be possible in other hospitals.

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