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master in nephrology nursing

  1. 0 I am registered nurse and I am working in a renal unit for 3 years.I am trying to find a master on nephrology nursing by online method and is impossible to do so,can you help me?Thanks
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    There's no specific program for a MSN in Nephrology. You can do an NP program and then specialize in Nephro. That's what I'm doing.
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    NP programs don't get that specific.
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    Didn't say you learned that in a NP program. You become an NP then go work in nephro.
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    Didn't say you learned that in NP school...hence the "then you specialize" part.
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    I'm an APN that works for a large nephrology practice. I did an adult and a peds CNS.

    However you could do an adult NP or Family NP or go the PA route also.
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    I have a bachelor degree as a nurse.When you say an NP program you mean any kind of a master on Nursing?How can I then specialize in Nephro? If you don't mind in what country do you take your education in order to compare with my country's system( I live and have studied in Greece but I am interested about an online international master in Nephrology). Thanks a lot for your information