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I'm working for almost 1 year in HD now and still I suffer rejection from patients, one of which is that insert needles painfully. I'm not good with deep accesses either so I really want to get this... Read More

  1. by   hpm0
    I am not a nurse. I am my husband's caregiver for home hemo, using NxStage equipment. When we first "graduated" from training at the end of May, I was great at cannulating his graft. The nurses were amazed, and I was confident that what is tough for most caregivers would be a breeze for me. Not so much anymore. The other evening, the insertion of the arterial needle went fine, but with the venous needle, I couldn't get a flash, no matter what I did. I tried repositioning the needle, moving it a bit to the left and right, up and down, even flipping it. No go. After about 10 min., i gave up, pulled that needle, found another spot and that worked ok. But because this has happened before recently, I am now having a crisis of confidence. We are to treat tomorrow, and already I am wondering what I will do if I have a problem again. The local Fresenius clinics do not operate on weekends, so what happens? Take him to the hospital and have him dialyzed there? Would they do that without admitting him? How do I get my mojo back?
  2. by   Chisca
    Use a tourniquet. Also see if you can get your provider to give you a prescription for ethyl chloride spray, Fast acting topical that numbs the skin. If you can't access the fistula take him to the hospital. They can evaluate the fistula to make sure it is working properly and yes they will dialyze without admitting.
  3. by   nephnurse13
    Cannulating an AVG or AVF has absolutely nothing to do with giving an injection, IM or otherwise. Completely different technique all together.
  4. by   nephnurse13
    It's because you're new. Has nothing to do with fast or slow, pulling the skin, prepping the access. Dialysis patients across the board like experience. Be confident every time you cannulate and they'll come around. Distract with general conversation. A 15g needle is never going to feel good. Ever. Just be have patience and be confident. I've been a charge nurse in the same dialysis clinic for 14 years.