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  1. Whats the deal? Home therapies is great. I spent my entire career in acutes until last year. Now I help patients take care of themselves, well most of them... some need more help than others of course.
    Call is giving advise, no going out at night; closed every weekend.
    Why are there so few PD RNs available? I live in one of the nicest vacation areas in the southwest and finding a FT RN for home therapies seems impossible......
    So if you're considering a change, think home....the rest of the world does!
    I can't say where this opening is, but if you need a new view, check out the major company websites next week, a new position just came open.
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  3. by   anilu
    I would have to agree 100%. Working in PD and home hemo is very gratifying to me personally. Empowering the ESRD population with the tools to best take care of their new extended life is what I enjoy the best, not to mention these patients are very grateful for all the support of the inter disciplinary team. From the moment they walk in to our clinic after having been diagnosed with ESRD, to handing them their "certificate of home dialysis completion", and offering them support every step of the way is very rewarding. I also invite you to look into home therapies. My unit is also finding it difficult to staff our clinic. We are in the beautiful Bay Area in CA. So check out the home modalities if you are interested in a rewarding niche of nursing!
  4. by   cn2007rn
    I love working in home therapies. It gives pt's choices and puts them in control. It is the best career move I have ever made, and comes w/ much job security because it is expanding pretty quickly. I don't think there are many jobs out there because many programs are small and sometimes use the HD staff to cover, not that they are similar jobs at all.