Have a phone interview next week with Fresenius!

  1. Hello,
    I am excited, I have a phone interview next week for a RN position at a new clinic that is starting up! Any advice or things I should know before doing the interview?
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  3. by   ctnurse84
    I recently went on a few interviews and they always ask:
    Why did you become a nurse?
    Describe a time when you had to deal with a coworker that was hard to get a long with.
    What are your short term and long term goals?
    Why are you interested in this position?
    What do you know about this company?
    Why should we hire you?

    Good luck!!!!!! I'm still waiting to hear back from my interviews.
  4. by   Brookeylea
    Make sure you know the basics of what dialysis is (obviously!). You will probably be asked how you are with computers/technology. It is a fast paced job, with long hours on your feet (most rn jobs are ) it is a very repetitious job. What company is it with?
  5. by   ddunnrn
    As an RN who happens to also be on dialysis, I wish you luck! I go to a clinic run by American Renal, and the staff there are great. Even though I knew the basics of dialysis, they have been very helpful, especially with emotional support. The also know that I'm a (nosy) nurse, and answer all of my technical questions. I've been a psych nurse since forever, but if I had the stamina, I'd retrain for dialysis in a heartbeat. On the interview front, I have always found it helpful to stress your flexibility in scheduling, and willingness to learn. Good luck again!!
  6. by   gorgenurse
    Thank you all! The interview is with Fresenius. I sent in my resume, then got notice to do an online assessment (that I was shocked was so involved!) then I got a request for a phone interview. I hope it goes well. Thanks again for all of the tips, I will definitely take them to heart!
  7. by   Brookeylea
    I work for Fresenius also. The hiring process is very involved, as it should be. They pay you for 9 weeks of training, classroom and on the floor. Most likely you will train with a Tech first, then after doing that for awhile they would ease you into the RN aspects of the job. The training isn't easy but it can be done and it is worthwhile.
  8. by   gorgenurse
    Thanks for the reply Brooke. I guess they are hiring for a new clinic that is being built right now. I am wondering where the training would be since the clinic won't be opening until the first of year, the nearest big town where I think they may have some existing clinics is an hour away. I wouldn't mind driving I guess.
    So I guess this phone interview is just the tip of the iceburg in the process? Do you like working for them?
  9. by   Brookeylea
    I do like the company they offer tuition reimbursement and other reasonable benefits. There are several clinics in my area and the educational classes are far and few, I had to travel an hour and a half to get to it. However they reimburse you for gas mileage ( at least they did for me) and it was extremely reasonable. I find the pay average but the staff I work with is great... I'm hoping to transfer to the new clinic opening up in my hometown! If you need more time for training they will allow for that too. I was hired for 30hours a week/ 3 10 hour days. But during the training it was 40'hours a week. They mixed up the the training , the first week was classroom for 5 days, then week 2 was 4 classroom days and 1 on the job and so forth. Good luck it's a growing company who wants their employees to gain education.
  10. by   Brookeylea
    I just had one interview not a phone, however I was hired as a PCT not RN. From talking with other RNs who were hired with me they had one interview with the clinic manager and the charge nurse was also present. I heard back a week later. I had an advantage because my CM had hired the secretary for a different clinic and she put in a good word for me.
  11. by   princesspunch
    Hi guys! I had a phone interview this morning and she said she loved what she heard and will let the local clinic manager know. Do you think I'll have to do a second interview, or how does the hiring process go? Is one enough? I'm getting nervous all over again!! 😖

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