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In lieu of the new health care reforms, Obama Care, what will the future hold for dialysis patients? Will dialysis nurses continue to have a job? I am on the verge of changing from ICU nurse to... Read More

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    I agree that more and more providers/facilities are offering home dialysis -- We started to see a rise in the individual advertising in units for home dialysis after the QIP was initiated -- Many units that did not continually support home dialysis and encourage patients to do home started having posters in their lobbies, etc. I remember one FMC unit had a contest going among staff - the staff had a button to wear on their shirts -- the button was about 2 inches in diameter, round --- they were to come up with a cathchy statement and/or picture or similar and the best one would win --- (hope that makes sense) --One unit, I remember, never had anything about home dialysis and as soon as the reimbursement system changed, there were 6 posters, large in their waiting room (FMC unit)

    Dialysis RNs will always, in my opinion be needed - years ago RNs were ONLY used then profit came more into view and dialysis technicians started being used -- it is a tough job as far as I am concerned due to some providers wanting patients 'in and out' and the more I hear from others -- well, this is happening more and more
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    Four groups are working on the artificial kidney, it is coming sooner than you think. The cause of diabetes is still unknown, as told to me by a number of academic Nephrologists.