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In lieu of the new health care reforms, Obama Care, what will the future hold for dialysis patients? Will dialysis nurses continue to have a job? I am on the verge of changing from ICU nurse to... Read More

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    CIHI - Number of Canadians living with kidney failure triples over 20 years

    Here is some information from Canada in regards to dialysis. Those canucks have been in the socialized realm for quite a while now, so this should answer your question.
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    I think it is pretty clear what she is asking...
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    I see dialysis modalities switching to a more home based one. There is cost reduction, gives the pt more control and responsibility. The outcomes for home based therapy have proven to be better long term.
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    I agree that more and more providers/facilities are offering home dialysis -- We started to see a rise in the individual advertising in units for home dialysis after the QIP was initiated -- Many units that did not continually support home dialysis and encourage patients to do home started having posters in their lobbies, etc. I remember one FMC unit had a contest going among staff - the staff had a button to wear on their shirts -- the button was about 2 inches in diameter, round --- they were to come up with a cathchy statement and/or picture or similar and the best one would win --- (hope that makes sense) --One unit, I remember, never had anything about home dialysis and as soon as the reimbursement system changed, there were 6 posters, large in their waiting room (FMC unit)

    Dialysis RNs will always, in my opinion be needed - years ago RNs were ONLY used then profit came more into view and dialysis technicians started being used -- it is a tough job as far as I am concerned due to some providers wanting patients 'in and out' and the more I hear from others -- well, this is happening more and more
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    Four groups are working on the artificial kidney, it is coming sooner than you think. The cause of diabetes is still unknown, as told to me by a number of academic Nephrologists.

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