Dialysis interview next week- NE FL

  1. Hello fellow Rn's,

    I've been working as an RN for over 6 months as an Endoscopy nurse. Applied to a job that was posted for a dialysis clinic in one of the hospitals in NE FL. Today, the hospital called me and asked to when I can be available for an interview. The interview will be done next week when I am available.

    Honestly, I am so elated way beyond the heavens:heartbeat ........

    My endo experience includes: pre-op with the patient: assessment, interview/instructions/teaching and initiating IV for conscious sedation. Intra-op: assisting MD's during the procedure, checking the monitor VS,SaO2 and collecting specimens. Recovery assignment: checking VS, SaO2 and making sure patient able to pass gas, giving instructions and teaching patients and family about procedures after discharge.

    I need guidance to what to expect for a dialysis interview, what to ask and please, please share your thoughts and experiences - good and bad and lastly what to study for this new field. My endo job is okey but if I will be given a chance to work with this hospital dialysis clinic (my first choice ) I will take it.....

    Thanks for taking time to read my post.......Inputs are welcome and appreciated.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    If this a hospital based program I'd ask what the usual day/patient load is, what call requirements are (as there are always call requirements), what type of training is offered and how long, is the pay hourly or salaried..benefits...etc.